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Nearly a year later, and no posts appeared.
Oh well. You can use this page to download LAV Filters, but somehow i don’t expect to be changing my blog posting habits in the future.

Just wanted to let everyone know that despite activity on the Blog, LAV is alive and actively being developed, the best way to follow it is probably through the Google Code project where all new versions are being made available.

Take care.

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1f0 Blog

Hi guys,

this is the first post on my new Blog.
On this Blog i’ll talk about my work on open-source projects, general development in open-source as well as DirectShow and Media Playback in general.

As you may know, i’m currently focusing my efforts onto my “LAV Filters” project, a set of DirectShow filters which are meant to replace some of the broken and buggy components out there.

The first part is the LAV Splitter, the first DirectShow source/splitter that leverages the full power of the avformat ffmpeg library to identify and demux media files. Due to it using avformat, it can support all important (and unimportant) media formats, even though only the main stream formats are currently officially supported.

The second part of LAV Filters is the Audio Decoder. Roughly modeled after the Gabest MpaDec Filter, its key design is to retain the maximum audio quality, without compromise. Its using a slightly modified ffmpeg library for decoding the audio, which allows it to get the untouched audio from the decoder, and sends it untouched to the audio renderer.
While it currently does not support any post-processing, there are plans to add at least basic rematrixing and sample format conversions in the future.

I’ll be posting my ideas for those two filters, updates on development progress, and of course information if a new filter should be added to the series.

– Hendrik

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