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LAV Filters

LAV Splitter, LAV Audio and LAV Video are combined in this package, as they are both based on the same technology.

Latest Version: 0.61.2 – 2014/04/08

- Installer: The installer does now backup DirectShow registry settings before overwriting them, allowing uninstall to restore them

LAV Splitter
- NEW: Support for ProRes in MKV
- Fixed: Opening AviSynth scripts with LAV Splitter which used DirectShowSource to load LAV Splitter again caused a deadlock
- Fixed: Audio-only AviSynth scripts did not show a duration.
- Fixed: Cue Sheets with directives with empty parameters could cause a crash

LAV Video
- Fixed: AVC1 video streams without SPS/PPS in the configuration record did not decode properly
- Fixed: Decoding H.264 streams with a resolution change using the DXVA2 Copy-Back decoder could crash
- Fixed: YUV->RGB conversion produced the wrong output for the last line of odd-height 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 files

LAV Audio
- Changed: LAV Audio offers more alternate output configurations to the audio renderer if the audio renderer refuses our preferred format.
- Fixed: Decoding AC3 audio with corrupted audio frames could cause unnecessary format changes to occur and disrupt playback
- Fixed: Decoding DTS audio on a CPU without SSE2 support could crash on some streams

A full ChangeLog is available in the Download, or here.



Latest Version: 0.13 – 2011/09/13

NOTE: LAV CUVID has been deprecated and its functionality merged into LAV Video inside the LAV Filters package, which is the recommended version to get from now on.


- Improved resource release behavior
- Improved VC-1 in EVO with pulldown flags

A full ChangeLog is available in the Download, orĀ here.

Downloads for CUDA 4.0 (270 Series drivers required)

Downloads for older CUDA/Driver versions